About Sporting Start

Sporting Start was founded in memory of Martin Macari, an inspirational and talented sportsman whose life was cut short by cancer aged 47.


A passionate advocate for the power and joy of sport, Martin led by role model example as player, coach and leader across multiple sports.

As a father, one of Martin’s greatest hopes for his children was that they developed a love of sport from an early age and thrived from the many ways sport would enrich their lives. He strongly believed that every young person should be given this opportunity.


What Inspires Us

We believe that young people should have the opportunity to develop a life-long love of sport and experience all the benefits this brings.


Motivated by Martin’s zest for sport, health, friendship, laughter and living life to the full every day, Sporting Start was set up by his family and friends in 2017.

Through the work of our charity, we hope Martin’s sporting inspiration will continue to influence the lives of generations to come.

How We Work

Sporting Start is regulated by the Scottish Charity Regulator OSCR. As a charity, we aim to keep our running costs very low so that all the funds we raise will go towards our chosen funded projects.


Our Trustees and Patrons are all volunteers and no-one connected to the charity receives payment for their work.

As a charity aiming to encourage young people to participate in sport, we are committed to ensuring a safe environment for staff, beneficiaries and volunteers.

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 Meet the Trustees

Shug Anderson

Shug started rugby aged ten as the worlds tallest scrum half. After his promising career was cruelly cut short by injury and lack of skill, he took up ski-ing and now spends hours on the slopes trying to catch up with this children. Shug is the charity bean counter.

Graham Bean

Once a talented football winger, Graham continues to wing it on a daily basis as sports editor at the Scotsman. His ability to write a good game of any sport was formed in the late 70's having been regularly forced to endure 90 minutes of anguish at Tynecastle.

Andrew Constable

Andrew is a lawyer but we don't hold that against him. Despite his mature looks he frequently beats squash players half his age in the East of Scotland League Division 4 team matches. He claims he does other sports including riding his motor bike to work.

Lucy Macari

Lucy brings a creative edge to the charity with her specialist marketing background.  She also hosts Trustee board meetings which is handy for the local pizzeria delivery man. As charity Secretary she feels it is important to stay impartial and not play any sports.

Paul Macari

Paul can talk a good game of squash, golf and cricket. As Chair of the trustees he will also spend all day chatting to you about how you can help the charity. Now facing the daunting prospect of losing squash matches to his children he is looking for a new sport to take up.

James McDougall

James was a talented rugby player on his day. Unfortunately his day was Monday and most matches he played in were on a Saturday. Now a keen cyclist he enjoys wearing lycra at the weekends and during the week lectures in law, sometimes also in lycra.

Stephen Mutch

Mutchy was once a "sort of" decent stand off and now spends most of his time rubbing rugby players legs - enough said. His promising TV career includes cameo appearances at most Scotland rugby matches depending on the extent of player injuries.

Ann Ritchie

Ann is a patriotic Tartan Army foot soldier and has witnessed many glorious defeats abroad. A committed tweeter, Ann pretends to be a millennial and is responsible for sharing the great work of the charity on all our social media platforms.

Jason White

Every sports charity has to have a genuine sports person and Jason is ours. Now too old to chase the rugby ball, the former British Lion spends his days teaching PE and giving his impartial views on BBC during the 6 Nations.

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"Attitude is a little thing that
makes a big difference"

Sir Winston Churchill

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