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Watsonian Squash Rackets Club

Martin first took up squash at school when the Watsonian Squash Club arranged a new initiative to provide coaching to P7 pupils. Throughout secondary school Martin played for the 1st V in his age group often at the No. 1 position and captained the  U-14 team to finish 6th in the British Championships in 1983. Martin gained his school colours in 1986 and narrowly lost two school championship finals in 1986 and 1987.

Martin made his debut for Watsonians in 1986 playing alongside his cousin Paul for the 4th team, who at the time were encouraged to play a number of juniors in the team. The juniors massively reduced the average age of the team and Martin was able to learn gamesmanship first-hand from club legends Brian Adair, Tom Wilson and Dave Allan.

After school Martin represented Aberdeen University in the Aberdeen leagues and then on his return to Edinburgh re-joined the club but did not play team squash due to his rugby commitments. After joining Dundas and Wilson in 2002 he was persuaded by his “boss” to come back to competitive squash with the incentive of playing alongside the likes of Roger Weir, Gavin Hastings and Charlie Hill for the “very social” 4th team in the East leagues.

Martin would often come onto court for the warm up with a knee support, wrist support, bandaged arm and smelling of deep heat. This invariably gave him the psychological advantage over a bewildered opponent.


By 2008 the impact of squash on his knees finally proved to much and Martin hung up his racket. He continued his involvement with the squash club and as the main speaker at the clubs 75th anniversary dinner in 2009, he delivered a memorable speech that demonstrated his fine oratory skills.

Whilst Martin never fully focused on squash or for that matter any serious training, his natural talent, eye for a ball and competitive spirit saw him victorious in many close league matches. He spoke fondly of his involvement in squash and the joy it had brought to him throughout his life. He was a great club man and was well respected by all his fellow members.

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